You know, if I go to a casino for a night of fun, have some beers, and chat with some friends, the first place I would go would be a craps table. Why? Well, craps is terribly fun, that’s why. I love it and my friends too. We stand next to a craps table, have a great time, and there is never a quiet moment. What makes it so fun?

Have you ever been allowed to spin the roulette wheel? No. Does the dealer ever allow you to deal in blackjack? No. And in baccarat? I do not think so. But in craps, you can roll the dice! Yeah, it might seem like too silly a thing to get excited about, but it’s great. If you’ve never rolled a seven on your opening shot with a dozen people cheering you on, you haven’t lived. If you’ve never had a lucky streak, after hitting several sevens, and receiving congratulations from other people at the table, you haven’t lived. And if you’ve never rolled a hard 10 for that guy with $50 and won, you haven’t really lived. I don’t understand those people who pass up the opportunity to roll the dice, I think they are missing out on a lot of fun, and at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all looking for, otherwise it would become a boring job, and that is something that I would never want to happen to the game. Also, since I’m with friends, we give each other a friendly hello every time we roll a terrible number. It must be the best game to play with friends. You could be sitting at a blackjack table worrying about what’s going on at the table, everyone silent including your friends. In craps you roll the damn dice and you are responsible for their bets!

Also, the atmosphere improves when the stickman determines each shot. There are usually some proper sayings at the table and lots of conversation. Again, if you are playing baccarat or roulette does the croupier or dealer start chattering? This adds a lot of fun to it. If you’re playing online, just learn a few common terms and say them after every shot. Of course, make sure you’re alone before you start yelling Yo! when you get 11. I don’t want to be responsible for the breakdown of your relationship if your partner suddenly decides you’re crazy.